Passion is a strong motivator

Fluent Panda was developed due to one simple reason - passion. Passion for learning, for languages, and for cultures around the world. 

We believe that learning a language can be fun, rewarding, and allow you to really understand various beliefs and cultures around the world. 


Fluent Panda began in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. A simple advert to see if anyone would be interested in some lockdown online language lessons turned into a vision to help people learn a language they never thought they had time for, and thus, passionate teachers began teaching passionate students. 


Teaching should be enjoyable

Learning should not be a chore or something that we dread studying - it should be fun and rewarding! We believe in a language school that can exist just for the pursuit of knowledge! Although exams are available, it is not compulsory for students to take. It is a stress free learning environment if one desires! We also believe that in this way, students with busy lifestyles - with different availabilities, also deserve learning something that they feel they may not have time for. With one hour classes once a week, in the comfort of your home, we believe we can make time for something you love!

Learning can be targeted

So maybe you don't want to do a full course that requires intense studying and commitment... maybe... you have a big trip planned, and wish you could just take a crash course and learn essential travel related language to help your trip, or maybe you want to focus on speaking or learning  language specific to something that interests you - with dedicated specialised courses as well as private lessons, you can get that special, one-on-one portal to knowledge!

Why Us?

  • We are passionate about our language and culture

  • We are passionate about teaching our languages

  • We are dedicated to making every lesson interactive, natural and fulfilling

  • We are dedicated to helping you achieve your unique language goals

  • We promise to make your learning experience exciting and something to look forward to, even a stress relief - all from the comfort of your home!