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Nicky Visentin

I completed my triple major in English, Translation and Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand. After that, I completed my honors in education and my TESOL certification. I had always had a great passion for Japan, and after completing my N5 qualification, I applied to the JET programme via the Japanese embassy, and upon acceptance, got to live and work in Japan, teaching English and learning the culture and language organically. Upon return, I began working with a Japanese company where I continue speaking and using Japanese in a business environment on a daily basis. This has increased my formal fluency as well as reading and writing of the language. Before this adventure, I also taught at both GED and IEB curriculum schools, and have tutored English and done finals preparation for Matrics.

Japanese & English Classes


Alyssa Vratsanos

I am a lecturer and PhD student (Linguistics) at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. I majored in Linguistics and German, then did a joint Honours in these subjects, before going on to complete an MA in Linguistics. I am also a certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. I am currently working towards a PhD in Linguistics, looking at Mediterranean diasporas in Johannesburg. I have extensive experience lecturing both Linguistics and German at beginner and intermediate levels, and have also taught German to children as an extra-curricular activity. Apart from teaching, I am also passionate about reading, writing, and cooking (passions I exercise by means of a blog).

German Classes


Ross Smith

I have been studying Italian literature and language for 9 years. I began by taking Italian in high school where I sat the Italian IEB Matric exam. Following this, I did a BA in English and Italian literature, which included a component on Italian Language, Grammar, and Culture. At the end of my third year, I was awarded a place in the Univerisità per I stranieri di Perugia exchange programme where I completed a six-week course in Advanced Italian Grammar and Composition.  For my Honour’s year I specialised in late Medieval Literature and Apocalypse. I am currently a lecturer in the Foundation Phase English Language Programme at Pearson Institution of Higher Education where I prepare students for the Pearson Test of English and teach Beginner and Intermediate English grammar.

Italian & English Classes

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Aline Correa

I’m Aline, photographer and creative born in Brazil but raised in South Africa.  I moved to Chile in 2011 as a volunteer but stayed on because I fell in love with the country. I was accepted to an institute where I studied journalistic photography. In 2016, I moved to Brazil and it was there that I started teaching Spanish. I had experience working on and off as an English teacher throughout the years,  so I was able to adapt what I learned and use these methods to teach Spanish. I'm very passionate about the language and I love to introduce people to the wonderful world of Latin America. 

Spanish & Portuguese Classes


Doria Okwedjamba

I am Doria Victoria OKWEDJAMBA. 

I am gabonese and I came in South Africa in 2015 to follow my husband when he came to work for the panafrican parliament in Midrand. 

I am passionate about communication and social relations.

I did accounting and French in High School, and continued graduated university in both French and accounting.


I am fluent in English and French, and can speak some Spanish too.  

I taught French in Gabon to both adults and children whilst I lived there.


I am actually creating an e-commerce company for my country and I will be proud to teach you French!

French Classes


Christel Brooks

My name is Christél Brooks. I’m South African born and raised. My mother tongue is Afrikaans, but I attended English and German schools throughout my school career. I attended the Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg from grade 8 through matric, after which I au paired in Germany for a year. This gave me the opportunity to learn the German language and culture through immersion and offered me the chance to complete German language courses at the universities in the cities I lived in.

Upon return to South Africa, I completed a BA degree at the University of Pretoria in German. Throughout my university career I tutored students in English, Afrikaans and German. I have experience teaching all ages of students, from primary school through to adults.

Afrikaans & German


Jakita Kapatos

Greek is one of the world's most beautiful languages, rich in culture and magical history

My name is Jakita Evangelia Kapatos and sharing my knowledge and love for Greek has always been one of my greatest passions.

Growing up in an authentically Hellenic home, Greek food was a must, Greek music and dance is absolute tradition and of course, Greek was always spoken as our home language. True appreciation for this fascinating tongue was however really gained through haing the opportunity of attending Greek School at Saint John;s for twelve years. I was most privileged to be taught by educators straight from the heart of Greece, experiencing all the wonders the ancient language has to offer.

I later went to obtain my Ellinomatheia Certifications A1, B1 & C1 from Saheti. This is a diploma recognised workdwide for greek language qualifications, officially authorised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs in Thessaloniki, Greece

I am friendly, patient caring and dedicated people's person and having the opportunity to teach all that I know to others is an honour and a great pleasure! 

"A different language is a different version of your life". Challenge yourself. Grow, live, experience.

Greek Classes


Gift Zulu

I am Gift Zulu, a qualified primry school teacher with over 9 years of teaching experience. I have taught in countries such as South Africa, China, South Korea and The Middle East.

I have a degree (BA Education Honors) in Primary School Education with Science, technology and languages as my major.

I am from South Africa, a country with incredible diversity in terms of people and culture. This makes me an easy going, fun-loving person with goals 

that are set to be achieved.

I'm from KwaZulu Natal, one of the 9 provinces of South Africa, known for its traditions and Zulu language. I grew up in a household where Zulu was the main language spoken at home. I studied Zulu at school too from primary school up to high school. 

I am an adventurous and ambitious person.

My motto in life is TNT: Try New Things... that way you always have something new to learn and experience

Zulu Classes


Michela Balbi

I am an Italian teacher, trainer, counsellor and psychologist.

My first master’s degree in 1998 was in Italian Linguistics and Psychology, at the University of Pavia.

Afterwards, I specialised in online learning by doing a few master’s degrees at Bocconi University (Milan), the Institute of Education (University of London), Centro Telematico Multimediale (Milan) and Florence University.

I started working in the intercultural field in the 90s, when I co-founded an Italian Association which develops projects to promote awareness on cultural diversity and to teach Italian to foreigners. Since then, I have collaborated with many associations to manage complex projects on multiculturality.

I became an online designer and trainer in 1999 and I haven’t stopped working in this sphere, due to my passion for the opportunities that the online environment can offer in terms of enriching our knowledge and expertise. I particularly love the cultural exchanges and intercultural bridges which are created by online exchanges and sharing.

A few years ago, I moved from Italy to South Africa, where I am collaborating with many organisations, including Fluent Panda, which gives me an amazing opportunity to share my experiences and passions.

Italian Courses


Olia Voronkova

I am Russian. I graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of External Relations, Economics and Law majoring in English and minoring in German. I was studying to become a translator but quickly discovered that translating legal documents and manuals wasn't my cup of tea. 

After graduation I decided to explore the world and moved to the US. I lived in Brooklyn for a few months (I have no idea why all Russians go there), then moved to Colorado where I worked at a ski resort as a chef, and finally ended up in Los Angeles, where I worked on different TV shows as a stand-in and went on auditions at the same time. Yes, I had that Hollywood dream!!

My husband is South African. We met 15 years ago. As many South Africans he missed his country - the outdoors, the wilderness, the orange soil... so we decided to move here 5 years ago. We have a 4 year old princess that speaks English, Afrikaans and Russian. 

And here I am to offer you my Russian language classes and get you to the level you want 

Russian Courses


Jenny Liao

Jenny Liao has come a long way from arriving at a young age in South Africa from Taiwan, to matriculating at one of the oldest girls-only private schools in the country with Cambridge International A-Level Chinese.


As a qualified TCFL teacher from the Beijing Language and Culture University and most recently the National University of Taiwan, Jenny started out with her passion creating an accessible platform where students can learn Mandarin as a foreign language in a fun-filled environment. 


Jenny’s motto is “teaching from our hearts” where students are nurtured to build up an interest for this language, culture and the ability to converse in a language that is so different. Her classes are entertaining and interactive, and she provides useful tools and use different methods in her approach to empower students!


If Jenny is not dancing like no one is watching on a Zoom call, you will find her either making the most delicious milktart-springrolls, or standing next to the polocrosse field supporting her daughter, or taking a hook out of a fish her son just caught or mountain biking around the Cradle of Humankind with her partner. 

Mandarin Classes


Antony Gama

My name is Antony Gama. This year will be my seventh year of teaching students at the University of the Witwatersrand Language School.

I grew up in three different locations in Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng. After completing high school at my Deaf School, I attended the University of the Witwatersrand where I studied my BA degree and TESOL where I was afforded the opportunity to become a teacher. 


My passion in life is being able to bridge the gap between the Deaf and the hearing community.


I am excited to have you in my class and teach you the wonders of South African Sign Language!  

South African Sign Language (SASL)


Kanopkat Jiraphan

สวัสดีค่ะ Sa wad dii ka!

My name is Kanokpat or you can call me Gutz. I was born and raised in Thailand. Thai is my first language.


I speak Thai with my family and I went to Thai school and university.

To me language is a key that open up a new world and cultures and I’m happy to teach you my language in a fun and easy way.

I’m fluent in English and I’ve spent 1 year in the US. Right now, I’m working in an international college.

I will teach you to speak Thai like a local and say things like a native.

Whether you want to learn Thai for tourism, business or just everyday use then I’m here to help!

Thai Courses

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Zubair Boomgaard

I am Zubair Boomgaard from the beautiful city of Cape Town. 

I have completed a five year course in Arabic literature (includes modern and classical Arabic) along with a number of other subjects including Usool (Islamic legal theory), 'Ilm al-Kalaam, (the science of debating: Philosophy and the study of Logic), Mustalah al-hadith (Hadith Nomenclature), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Islamic history as well as a few other subjects, all taught in Arabic.

Through the course of my early studies I've developed a strong desire to teach and share my knowledge and with this, began my search for avenues in which I could fulfil that desire. It is a language that is easy to learn and understand. I am currently part of an NPO organisation for education called "Madrasah Fikrudeen", a tongue twister, but through my easy and helpful lessons, you soon be speaking the global and romantic language of Arabic!

I am so excited to teach you the wonders of this beautiful language!

Arabic Courses

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Dante du Plessis

My name is Danté du Plessis, I was born in South Africa and after matriculating I had the opportunity to move to Korea and work as a volunteer.


While in Korea I was able to teach English to the Korean people as a second language all while learning Korean myself. I served with many Korean volunteers and they helped me hone my Korean abilities.

I was a volunteer at the Helping Hands Centre during the 2018 Winter Olympics where I volunteered as a translator for the general public.

After returning from Korea I worked at a Private school in Limpopo teaching Accounting and Afrikaans FAL for nearly 2 years before moving to Pretoria where I am finishing my degree in Financial Accounting.

Korean & Afrikaans Classes




Hi, My name is Joanna!

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I went to school and high school there. Life was great in Poland, I grew up going to theatres and galleries - I loved going to rock concerts too!

Skiing was my winter sport, and I went every winter on the mountain side and riding horses in summer.

I never wanted to leave Poland, but meeting my husband in 1996, I came to South Africa and haven't left since! I love to travel in Africa - Europe is beautiful - but Africa is just Amazing! 

Polish is a beautiful language rich with culture and complexities. It is not an easy language, but once grasped, it will just flow! Poland is an old country and to really understand the history and traditions, you should learn the language!

Polish Classes

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Sude Turanli

Hello! My name is Sude. I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I am a native Turkish speaker.


I absolutely love teaching. I am all in when it comes to discussing fun topics and learning the essence of the Turkish culture while you learn the language.


I would love for it to be an enjoyable experience for you and I will do all that I can to ensure that.


I have been tutoring languages for the past 5 years. I am currently completing my BA degree in Stellenbosch University majoring in Psychology and Music.”

Turkish Classes

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Ana Matak

Dobra Jutro everyone! 


I am native speaker born and raised in Zagreb and I study Croatian language and Phonetics at the University of Zagreb. I have been teaching Croatian to foreigners for four years now and am extremely passionate about it!


Currently, I am teaching Croatian native speakers at a Croatian elementary school.

Croatia is my country and my passion, and I am so excited to help you on this exciting journey!

Croatian Classes


Melissa Braun

Shalom, my name is Melissa, I was educated in South Africa and after matriculating made the 

decision to go on an adventure to Israel. This adventure lasted 20 years and gave me two very 

energetic boys.

Whilst living in Israel I started working as an au pair, where I received a crash course 

in Hebrew and eventually moved into the corporate world. Through all my years living there I fell in 

love with the people, culture, food and how expressive the Hebrew language is. Why did I move 

back? Well, if you have South African blood in your veins you know it is always calling (cue Toto). 

I am a firm believer that Hebrew is not only about the language but about the vibrancy of the country 

and that is what I strive to bring to each and every lesson. I look forward to sharing my passion of 

the Hebrew language with you. 

Hebrew Classes

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Lindokuhle Ndobeni

Hi, My name is Lindokuhle Ndobeni. I grew up in a Xhosa household with both parents speaking IsiXhosa and as much as I went to a multiracial school, I never lost my roots. 

In 2017 I graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand and that is where I obtained my Bachelor of Education degree. Since then I have been teaching English at a primary school. 

It will be an honour to add another language on my list of subjects that I teach as it is my home language and teaching IsiXhosa will be bring me more closer to my roots and it will moreover enable people to understand why IsiXhosa is such an amazing language. 

I look forward in teaching you the Xhosa Language

isiXhosa Classes

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Mokamola Selesho

My name is Mokamola Petrus Selesho, born in South Africa.

Sepedi is my mother toungue.
I studied Sepedi at school

I have a B.Com degree and B. Com (Hons) in Economics

I have a University Education Teaching Diploma.
I taught commercial subjects and Sepedi at High school level

Sepedi is easy to learn because the spelling is as you write it.

Sepedi is mostly spoken in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

I believe you would love it and i have a passion to teach this language.

Sepedi Classes

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Bart van der Meer

I was Born in the Netherlands, where I've studied Russian and Dutch at the University of Amsterdam and worked as an interpreter.

 I emigrated in 1995 to South Africa, where I've worked as a multilingual tourist guide until Covid 19 forced me to change careers.

After an 8 months stint in the Netherlands I'm now working for a Dutch company online and teach Dutch and German in the evenings. My passion for languages stems from curiosity and the desire to grow.

Dutch Classes

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Rita Janjetich

My name is Rita.
I was born and raised in Budapest,Hungary.
I have lived and worked in 3 countries over 2 continents.
I originally studied economics-tourism then I studied further and worked in HR.I am fluent in English too.

I have been teaching Hungarian for 3 years in South Africa and internationally,online and in person.


I have been teaching all ages and levels. I also have a bilingual family,so I understand all aspects of multicultural backgrounds.

I believe learning a language must be interesting, it makes  it easier. I will ask what interests you and why you would like to learn.

Hungarian is my heritage and I would be honoured to teach you this beautiful language.

Hungarian Classes

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Lungile Madlala

Allow me to use my strong passion, energetic attitude and instructional abilities coupled with skills to help you reach those good results!

I am Lungile Sharon Madlala and I am a Pedagogical Practitioner. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Education at the University of the Witwatersrand. I majored in ISIZULU language. 

I am a vibrant South African female, Friendly, Reliable and Confident and most importantly hardworking. I believe that enthusiastic,hardwork and perseverance reaps rewards. To prove this, I have a number of achievements and awards from my years of studying. 

I am so thrilled to be able to teach IsiZulu as it is one of the national languages of South Africa, and a statutory provincial language in Gauteng and KwaZulu- Natal Provinces and deep rooted in  it's cultural background and I was fortunate to grow up in family where IsiZulu was and still the main language spoken at home.

I live by [P.A.C.E- Patience, Empathy, Adaptable and Collaboration] ..and that's what makes me a Great Teacher!!


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