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All our curriculums are based on internationally recognised fluency exams for all languages

We base our average number of lessons required for the test based on the curriculum - however, we embrace people of all learning speeds, ability and interest in learning!



Our classes are set with teacher and student availability - as long as the teacher agrees to your time, we will have a class!



We believe learning should be fun and practical. Our focus is education and not cramming a language in a course just for one test.  We believe in practicing the language and learning it naturally to not only prepare for one test, but to be able to practically use the skills for the rest of your life.



With all lessons online, we want to be able tor each everyone everywhere! We believe learning is for everyone regardless of age, and have classes set up to incorporate adults, children, people wanting group lessons or private. If you need something to help you learn, we are committed to help you get it!

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"I was worried to join as I already knew some Korean, I was so happy to see that there was speaking practice in class! This was the winning point for me"

— Meggan,

Korean Advanced Student

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"My child of 10 loves her Italian lessons! Everyday after the lessons during dinner she teaches us! It's amazing to see her advance in a new language!"

— Carla, Parent of a Panda Junior Student