Korean Courses

We understand that Korea is actually a passion for many people!

Maybe you are wanting to teach in Korea, or love k-Pop, or simply, love the place! Look no further, learn Korean online in an engaging and exciting way!

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Korean Courses 

(Private or Group)


Korean is an exciting language to learn as not only will you learn how to speak and understand Korean, but we will introduce and teach you all about the Korean alphabet!

It has a completely different alphabet to our standard English alphabet, but is far easier to grasp than Japanese or Chinese alphabets. Why? Because once you know the symbols, you create words just like the alphabet!

Our classes are great for adults or kids, and we offer from beginner up!

Our courses are centred around the TOPIK exam curriculums - which is held yearly at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of South Africa. The test occurs once a year usually in May. A reminder that the exam is written at the Embassy and not through Fluent Panda.

Linguistic Competence for Each TOPIK Level



Level 1

  • Able to carry out basic conversations related to daily surviving skills such as self-introduction, purchasing, ordering food, etc., and understand the contents related to very personal and familiar subjects such as himself/herself, family, hobby, weather and the like.

  • Able to create simple sentences based on a basic vocabulary of approximately 800 words and possess  understanding of basic grammar.

  • Able to understand and compose simple and useful sentences related to everyday life.

Level 2

  • Able to carry out simple conversations related to daily routines such as making phone calls and asking favour, as well as using public facilities in daily life.

  • Able to use about 1,500 to 2,000 vocabulary and understand personal and familiar subjects in certain order, such as paragraphing.

  • Able to use formal expression and informal expression accordingly, respective to the situation.



Level 3

  • Able to carry out daily routine, with fair use of public facilities and able to socialize without significant difficulty.

  • Able to express or understand social subjects familiar to oneself, as well as specific subjects, based on paragraph.

  • Able to understand and differentiate written language and spoken language based on their distinctive basic characteristics.

Level 4

  • Able to use various public facilities, socialize, and carry out some degree of ordinary work.

  • Able to understand easy parts in news broadcasts and newspapers.

  • Able to understand and use the expressions related to social and abstract subjects relatively correctly and fluently.

  • Able to understand social and cultural subjects, based on the understanding of Korean culture and frequently used idiomatic expression.

Level 5

  • Able to perform linguistic function to some degree which is necessary for research and works in professional fields.

  • Able to understand and use the expressions related to even unfamiliar aspects of politics, economics, society, and culture.

  • Able to use the expression properly, depending on formal, informal, spoken/written context.

Level 6

  • Able to perform linguistic function necessary to the research and works in professional fields relatively correctly and fluently.

  • Able to understand and use the expressions related to even unfamiliar subjects of politics, economics, society, and culture.

  • Able to experience no difficulty in performing the functions or conveying the meaning, although the proficiency has not reached full native speaker proficiency.

Information taken from: https://www.topik.go.kr/usr/cmm/subLocation.do?menuSeq=2210101#none [2020/07/15]