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Ukrainian Courses

Once you learn Ukrainian, you can understand Polish, Czech, Belarusian, or other Slavic languages because they are quite similar.

Coming from the same family of languages, they share common sounds and roots of words.


For example, those who learn Ukrainian will eventually know 70% of Polish lexicon and a third of its grammar rules!

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Ukrainian Lessons

Another very rare language we are proud to have in South Africa! 

Ukrainian is a useful language and the language spoken in the largest European country! Our courses will follow the CEFR framework (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). 

The course will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

We are happy to assist with any type of Ukrainian learning needed, as it is compulsory to have if you want to study in Ukraine or work there. 

Also a great introudcution to other slavic languages which are incredibly similar!

As this is a rather rare language in South Africa, please note that private lessons may only be availabe. 


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